Around here at Awami fabrics store we have different dress brands so you get a decision to pick between, in the event that you’re burnt out on normal, worn out dull men’s fabric, shalwar kameez is the most loved dress for Pakistani men and young fellows. It is the public outfit and is proffered because it is everything except challenging to wear and work in free fit in men shalwar kameez. In past shalwar kameez was for the most part worn by matured individuals yet presently it has turned into a high priority thing for men’s of each and every age, in addition to the credit goes to many design brands who put such a lot of work to make a dresses that fulfills the quality guidelines and style necessities.

Sunshine twill

Sunshine twill has a smooth hand that allows downpour to move right off of it making it an ideal outerwear piece. Come spring, summer and fall, make raincoats, dress coats, hurdle up coats and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! The slight, medium weight woven has a stiffer wrap that succeeds in making smooth, customized plans. Hazy, a coating is discretionary. This assortment arrives in a wide assortment of varieties from pastels to neutrals to dynamic pops of varieties.


Aggregate sparkle twill is known to sufficiently take special care of the requests of its client base. The business endeavors to make for a positive encounter through its contributions. The acknowledged methods of installment, for example, Cash make each deal simple and consistent, adding to making the whole interaction much more powerful.

This adaptable material is best intended for shalwar kameez in winters. There is actually nothing better compared to this extraordinary exemplary texture by Awami Fabrics. Its light weight surface is significantly more useful in contrast with different textures and is planned remembering the requirements of the cutting edge man.