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Why Do Recovering Alcoholics Crave Sugar

One of the why it’s so important is that alcoholism can cause serious mental health issues like depression and anxiety. If you don’t get the help you need, these can become more severe over time. Among other health benefits, nutritious foods help promote overall physical health. When patients are feeling better physically, they sleep better, stay in a more positive mood and experience an increased ability to focus on their recovery while in treatment. When they stop drinking or taking drugs, you must first understand the brain’s “reward system” and how substance abuse affects it.

  • Of course, when you’re sleeping better, feeling better, waking up clear-headed and full of energy, it becomes much easier to stick to fitness and exercise commitments.
  • “I’m very into sweets. They say when you stop drinking, that you go sweets crazy,” she continued.
  • It’s not easy to maintain your recovery from alcohol addiction.
  • Why does it often seem like people recovering from alcohol addiction suddenly develop a massive sweet tooth?
  • Sugar gives them a temporary boost—and they start to unconsciously view it as a “go-to” solution for a wide range of everyday problems.
  • One of the reasons why it’s so important is that alcoholism can cause serious mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Scientists have discovered that children of alcoholic parentsmay be more likely to have a sweet tooth. This is a big part of how people become addicted to alcohol.

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Studies have shown that quitting alcohol temporarily improves insulin resistance levels in participants and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. In recovery, it is not uncommon for people to experience cravings for sugar. While there are many theories as to why this happens, one of the most commonly accepted is that sugar plays a role in alcoholism. As discussed above, sugar can be as addictive as alcohol for some people. Excessive consumption of fructose sweeteners, for example, can lead to fatty liver disease—just like alcohol. And restoring healthy digestion and blood sugar can make a big difference in long-term recovery.

A alcoholics and sugary intake of fiber helps maintain stable blood sugar levels and promotes quick digestion — both of which contribute to the reduction in alcohol cravings. Many people who struggle with alcohol addiction also suffer from low blood sugar levels, or hypoglycemia. Normally, the liver stores glucose in the form of glycogen, which is then released into the bloodstream steadily throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. But alcohol disrupts this process, leading to low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Help keep you full, which can curb drug or alcohol cravings. Protein is also responsible for helping your body repair cells.

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At Waypoint Recovery Center, we understand that a successful recovery requires leading a wellness-focused life. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs and how we can help you take the first steps towards a brighter future. Simple sugars are digested quickly and lead to blood glucose spikes.

Drop the Pop for Better Health – University of Utah Health Care

Drop the Pop for Better Health.

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